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Chennai customer care is a leading service provider for multi brands electronics home appliance products. Our company has been providing high quality service for multi brands home appliances for more than 10 years. We have a great client base all over Chennai. We have provided quality service and our good work is still going on. We are into providing service for home appliances. Home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditions and microwave oven. These consumer durable products has become a definite house hold item and if it is not in a house then it means you are missing something. Air condition and microwave oven is in demand but washing machine and refrigerator are in much greater demand. The benefits of washing machine and refrigerators are un comparable. To take care of the service issues of these products our service center comes into play and provides quality service.


Service is a very difficult field. And being in the service work which has to be done via field work is even more difficult. Our company provides service with great quality and this is what we aim at. Our service is oriented towards high quality work and we strive to achieve quality all the time. We give immediate response to the customers. The service is provided in the allotted time. We also provide work on weekends to make sure customer satisfaction is achieved. We use spares which works fine after the service is done and which also increases the performance of the appliances. Customer service and quality service is the only way to reach the top position and we have reached this position through hard work and dedication. We are continuing this process to make sure we are at this position always.


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